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This tutorial will show you how to register an Orion organisation and an Orion application within the Identity Management.

Register an organisation

  1. Visit the Orion Management Portal (You will need to login with your Orion account, or register one)
  2. Select the "Register" option under the Register Organisation heading.
  3. Enter the name of your new organisation and press create.
  4. You have now created an Orion organisation, you can now use developer features :)

Register an application

  1. Visit the Orion Management Portal (You will need to login with your Orion account, or register one)
  2. Select the "Manage Applications" option under the developer settings section.
  3. Select the Create Application option on the page and enter the required information.
    1. Name: The name you want to use for your application. This name will be visible to the public.
    2. Description: The description of your application. This description will be visible to the public.
    3. IsAutoRegister: This option determines if users can grant permission to your application using the federation service. Unless you have a special reason to do so you should enable this feature.
    4. LogoPath: The url to your logo for this application. Logo uploads are not currently supported.
    5. You will now need to specify your requirements policy here. This determines what your application can access about users. The user will be prompted to grant these permissions to your application when they try to access it so only select the requirements you actually need. A description of the requirements follow.
      1. User Profile: Your application can access all profile data related to the user, including your applications meta. You will not be able to access sensitive information such as passwords.
      2. Organisation Profile: Your application can access all organisational information related to the user. Use this requirement if your going to integrate your application with other Orion applications.
      3. Organisation Application: Your application can access information on applications registered in the organisation the user belongs to.
      4. Access data while logged out: This requirement allows you to access a permanent API key for the user. You can use this key to access user information based on the other requirements without having an active key.
      5. Developer Access: Enable this feature if you want to access developer features of users. Only use this feature if your application is only intended for internal testing.
    6. Select "Create Orion Application" option.
  4. You have successfully registered an Orion application :)