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This tutorial will show you how to register your Orion applications with Osiris.

Register an Osiris Application


Before continuing please ensure you have registered an Orion organisation and an Orion application that you want to register. If you have not done this you can do so by following the guide here.


  1. Visit the Osiris Developer Portal
  2. If you have already used Osiris with this Orion account before skip this step. If this is your first time using the Osiris service you will be prompted to become an Osiris developer. Please follow the instructions on the registration page if it appears.
  3. The "Applications you can add to Osiris" section should contain any Orion applications you have created within your Orion organisation but have not yet been added to Osiris. To add an Orion application select the "Add" option under the application.
  4. Please read the information contained on the application registration page carefully. If you want to continue to register your orion application with Osiris select the Add option at the bottom of the page.
  5. You have successfully registered the Orion application with Osiris :). The application should now appear in the "Applications currently running in Osiris" section. The application should also now appear in the application store.